Born To Learn

Everyone is born to learn…but school often brings us down. As Paulo Freire imagined, the school system is actually one of oppression–the oppression of thoughts, and freedom, and ideas. ‘Banking’ is a term used to describe the ways in which a teacher can possibly subdue the students intellectually, whether they realize it or not (Freire 1993).

In my opinion, school should be a place of play, of thought, and of growing to understand the world around us. School often puts stress on the students–they must succeed, do well, and with no mistakes. Making a grade does not promote learning. Instead, learning for learning’s sake, learning for an honest reason, is a much better way to get a student interested in the work.



One thing I would like to see in myself as a teacher is to understand where each student is at, both intellectually and socially. It is important to recognize problems before they get in the way of life.

Differences can also be good


As a learner, I value individualized learning. Cooperative tasks are important for developing social skills and knowledge–but as for me, I get lost in a group, have trouble understanding, and feel not as willing to share my ideas when there is pressure. At the end of the day, despite group work, it is the individual who needs attention; it is the individual who is learning.

Individualized learning:

separating yourself from the crowd,

coming up with unique ideas,

and ultimately learning to be yourself


Me As a Child


As a child, school was not very fun. I was shy and had trouble speaking to others. I was alone for many years of my life. I originally loved homework and school, but sadly, my teachers wouldn’t allow me to have any extra. In becoming a teacher, I hope to allow all forms of free-thinking, creativity, and ultimately letting the children create their own boxes of learning.